Decription of material

Colour display

Does the colors of the display corresponds to the colors in reality? Colors settings are different on each monitor, the shown colors of the tables and the sideboards may be a little different in reality. If you are not shure about the choice of the right color you can contact us and we will advise You. On request, we will send you a color samlple.


Medium Density Fibreboard is made of small particles of wood. It is a wood fibre panel coloured throughout with unique physic and mechanical features.


Is a manufactured wood panel made from thin sheets of wood veneer which are glued together by crossing the grains.

3- Ply board Larch // Spruce-Fir

3 sheets of plain wood are glued together by crossing the grains.

HPL High Pressure Laminated

Sheets of selected Krafts and printed papers impregnated with resins and fused under heat and high pressure. Very resistant it can be used in many applications.


Is derived from the latin words linum (flax) and oleum (oil). Todays Linoleum is made of organic material like lineseed oil, pine resin, cork dust, wood flour and mineral fillers. It is durable and pleasant to touch.


Is made of swiss portland cement and cellulose fibers. It is free of asbestos , it resists all weathering conditions and it is long- lasting.


Is one of the first plastics, developped more than 100 years ago. Bakelite is a hard, dense material with a high resistance.The plywood has a bakelite coated surface.


Covering the surface of steel with colour using an electrostatic field. This process needs less power and raw materials than other technics, so it is more environmentally friendly. The created surface is very resistant.

Stainless Chrome Steel

Does not corrode, rust or stain with water. It contains at least 11% Chromium and is characterized by his precious appearance .


Is used for the treatement of wooden surfaces, makes the surfaces more resistant against water and dirt.


Will protect and beautifying the wooden surfaces, make the surfaces more resistant against water and dirt.

Acrylic Glass

Is a synthetic, glass like thermoplastic which is lighter and more shatter-resistant than glass.

Aluminium anodized

Is a light metal which is anodized coated, this coating makes it more resistant.


Oak wood is a valuable hardwood, it is characterized by his high durability and wood tannin structure which give him athe typical sour-spicy odor.


This wood is used for fine wood working and it is characterized by his light colour.


A precious wood, which is charaterized by the contrast of dark and ligther colour.


Traditionally it was used for mechanically stressed objects such as wheels or belfries. It has a high impact resistance .


A hardwood with a very solid surface, dense and tough it is used for stressed surfaces.


Heavy and hard wood, has been used in spears, lances and arrows.


Cherry is an important wood in building furniture. Biedermeier and Art Nouveau distinguished by its use.


Among the europeen conifers it is the heaviest and hardest wood. It is used for outdoor such as roof shingles.

Spruce/ Fir

A common wood, which finds its use in nearly all rangeof wood working.


A timber of nothern origin. Once used for example in aircraft now the most finds use in plywood production.